Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Color Run

Every January I say the same thing, this is the year I loose weight, every year but this year. This year I set out to change my lifestyle. I changed me eating habits, which are already bizarre to begin with. I am a dairy free vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for 6 years now, dairy free for a year. A year ago I was getting very sick almost on a daily basis and realized that I might be allergic to something, so I did something about it, thus starts my allergy testing. I was diagnosed with a diary allergy which for a farm girl saying good bye to cheese was so hard. Little did I know how many things have dairy proteins in them, I cant eat a single thing I love anymore.

Back to the lifestyle change. Last November my roommate and I decided to do the Color Run in DC, so like every other time before I turned on Couch to 5k and quit after 4 days. I then decide okay well I will start walking every morning before work. That last for about 4 weeks and then I slept in one day, then two days and then I stopped all together, yet again. Great moves for the lifestyle change right? Well during my 4 weeks of walking every morning before work I lost about 20 pounds, and surprisingly kept it off even when I stopped walking, thus proving my theory again that diet alone can make you healthy (clearly, a medical doctor here).

Well the Color Run came and passed, I had every intention of just walking the 5k by myself because my roommate decided going to Preakness was a more important event, than walking with me, and then I ended up staying in bed with my boy. Cuddling over walking a 5k any day. Later that morning I went to Trader Joe's with my friend, Laura and saw two girls who had just finished the Color Run together, they were still covered head to toe, and I was super bummed.

That was 10 days ago and 15 miles. I am determined this time, taking control of my life and I am going to run a half marathon. Knowing myself I signed up for a 5k race in the fall, I know I will be running more than a 5k at that point, but I need to know that I can do it first before I shell out the $160 for a full marathon. Who would have thought running would be so expensive!?!?!

I can do this, its not about giving up a life, its about changing the one you already love.

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