Thursday, May 30, 2013


Anyone who knows me, knows I am always cold. This morning I was hot, it was 73 degrees when I headed out the door for my run, at 6am!!!!  Needless to say I dont feel too well about my run, I am going further every time but I was drenched and crabby by the end for sure.

I try not to talk about my weight loss to people, for the fear of failing again. One of my coworkers yesterday, unprovoked told me I was looking good. I thanked her and said I had lost 25 pounds. Then the questions came out, I hate when people ask questions. Everyone is convinced there is some miracle pill or drink and they will be skinny, not the case. Hard work and dedication is all you can do to change your life. Luckily for me, my coworker is wonderful and we chatted about working out and eating differently, I love her. In our conversation we talked about the hardest thing for me, others trying to bring me down. She completely agreed with me, people don't like other to succeed and have their own body issues they need to take care of. It's nice to know I have a partner in crime in this lifestyle change.

My coworker caught me off guard yesterday when she said what is your goal weight. WHAT!?!?! I'm never going to admit this out loud, what if its unrealistic, what if I never get there. She told me her goal and it was higher than my goal, I didn't know how to react so I lied and made up a number, ugh terrible start. So here so its out there in the open, my goal weight is 133, or half my size. Whoa that was harder than I thought. I need to come up with marker weights, this week to set minor goals. My birthday is in October and would do backflips to be 200 or less. I am not trying to rush this in anyway but this is my motivation.

Never make changes that aren't lifestyle changes, diets end, lifestyle changes don't.

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