Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keys, ID, I am not a runner

It is a beautiful morning in the District. I was excited to run in just a t-shirt (bright orange Under Armor), I start walking at the door and I panic, where do I keep my apartment key? When I go out in my long sleeve I have a pocket to zip my key up. I ended up putting my key in the tiny pocket in the front of my pants, I felt it every few steps because I was so nervous I would loose my key. I have to come up with a new place I don't worry about. Where do real runners keep their keys?!?!?

When I run I am very adamant that my iPhones (yes plural) stay at home. In no way do I want to be reached while I am out, this is my me time. Insert line from pilot of West Wing, CJ running on a treadmill... Well today I had another panic, what happens if I get lost, something happens to me, I get injured. I may have to go against my instincts and take my phone, but not yet, I wil stick to roads I know and pray I dont get hurt. I also saw a man wearing his iPod on his arm and on the other arm he had a clear band with his Driver License in it, then I panicked again, should I do that? Do I need to be ID'd just incase. I have to get out of my own head when I run from now on. I will not be brought down by myself, my own worst enemy.

I will never be a runner, but it is getting easier. I will admit my weight has not changed for two days now, and I am kinda bummed out. I know I shouldn't be but I am. Again can't let the little things get me down. I have slowly become obsessed with this other blog and she went through a very drastic weight loss, when she started running she was didn't have issues but after she had surgery she returned to running and kept gaining weight for two weeks, TWO WEEKS are you kidding me, my motivation is not that great so I must keep my chin up and thing about the future.

Happiness, Karma, and Running?

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